Call Tracking

Call tracking software allows marketers to obtain data from customer phone calls that can show exactly what marketing campaign or tactic prompted the call and what the outcome of the call was. Any industry that relies on inbound calls to acquire customers should use a call tracking solution. This allows them to understand the marketing programs that generate the most value and optimize them accordingly.

Call tracking works by assigning a unique number to a business phone number. When this number is called, the call is forwarded to the business number.

You will be able to track all caller details such as the date, time and duration of the call. All calls are recorded so this helps to refer back to calls if necessary. You will also be able to see all the calls that have been missed and can call these potentials clients back and see where the call was generated form. Example: Paid, organic, direct & social media.

Incorporating call tracking into your marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to collect actionable data from your callers. You can then use
to streamline your marketing, sales, and support efforts to further increase conversions.

The Benefits of Inbound Call Tracking

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